Florence & The Machine Unveil Mysterious 'Shake It Out' Video

Florence & The Machine Unveil Mysterious 'Shake It Out' Video

Florence Welch shakes out her demons at a secret masquerade ball in the music video for "Shake It Out," the second single from Florence + The Machine's forthcoming sophomore album, "Ceremonials."

Video: "Shake It Out," Florence + The Machine

The video depicts Welch as the focus of the masked affair, mainly alternating shots of her in a red dress vigorously shaking while seemingly overtaken by supernatural energy with scenes of the singer in a black suit dancing with mysterious masked men. There's also imagery of an occult ritual, complete with a skull, creepy candles, and an apparent seance. Although the video feels somewhat dark and mystical, like a secret society meeting with unsettling masks and a slightly possessed Welch, the vibe is ultimately joyful and inspiring, with the party guests and Welch visibly bursting with happiness by the video's end.

Florence and The Machine: The Billboard Cover Story

"Shake It Out" follows the release of the single "What the Water Gave Me" from "Ceremonials," due out October 28. The "Dog Days Are Over" singer recently described the album to Billboard as if "the scrapbook of 'Lungs' has been given a beginning, middle and an end and made into a whole story. It's taken the sound that I found about halfway through making 'Lungs' and really gone with it. I think I have taken it to the apex."

Tour dates behind "Ceremonials" haven't been set yet, but Billboard has confirmed a band appearance on CBS' "Sunday Morning" for later this year.