Balloon Boy's Dad Makes 'Aluminum Man' Music Video: Watch

Balloon Boy's Dad Makes 'Aluminum Man' Music Video: Watch

After his international headline-grabbing "Balloon Boy" publicity stunt with his son, what's the next loglcal step for Richard Heene? A music video, of course!

Meet "Aluminum Man," Heene's musical alter ego that has brought him from zero to superhero, according to the official YouTube video. The world's newest crime fighter "lives inside an aluminum can, cooks his eggs in an aluminum can," according to the lyrics. You can thank Count Smokula, the featured singer on the track, for those.

Watch Heene, in his typical attention-grabbing ways, doing his best to rap in "gritty" settings like a factory workhouse, a parking lot, the back of a pick-up truck, and a field of grass while Smokula and a band play in a basement. The budget was clearly huge.

Perhaps the most memorable point comes from son Falcon, the infamous balloon boy, making an appearance early on in the video. Or maybe it's when someone opens the door on Heene nude, except for a strategically placed sheet of aluminum.

He tried "Wife Swap," which didn't bring him to the limelight as he had hoped. Then pretended his son was stuck in a flying balloon, which landed him three months in jail. Where do you think "Aluminum Man" will land Heene?