LMFAO's 'Party Rock' Is On The House Tonight... Literally: Watch

Ever wonder what trick-or-treating on David Guetta's block would be like?

Hopefully something like this! A suburban home in Riverside, Calif. was morphed into a Halloween-themed LMFAO light show, and so far, the clip has racked up over one million YouTube views since being uploaded Oct. 21.

Marching Band Gets Its Shuffle On With 'Party Rock Anthem': Watch

Using "four strobes, floods and thousands of lights," an ordinary two-story house was transformed into rave-friendly adaptation of the party rockers' mega-hit, "Party Rock Anthem." The attention to detail is downright impressive: the neon lights throb along to the song's every beat change, and four different pumpkin faces pop up to mouth along to the lyrics. What's just as impressive is that the entire set-up was custom built, save for the roof fixtures.