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JoJo Attempts A Comeback with 'Disaster': Watch

JoJo Attempts A Comeback with 'Disaster': Watch

Mounting a comeback is no easy task, but perhaps for JoJo, the stakes are even higher. The young "Leave (Get Out)" singer has been missing from the charts since hitting No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2006 with "Too Little Too Late," and she returns five years later with "Disaster." Watch below.

Video: "Disaster," JoJo

Visually you first notice a more mature-looking JoJo -- styling that consists of short dresses, high boots and sultry make-up. The powerful voice that made listeners all pay attention when she hit the scene in 2004 is still front and center, though.

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"Disaster" shows progression of her past hits, but updating it for 2011 with some stadium-sized drum beats. Yet the track noticably shies away from any dance-pop elements ruling the airwaves today. "Disaster" made a quick appearance on the Hot 100, debuting at No. 87 back in September.

While the song lands nowhere near the experimental sounds of "In The Dark" (video below), "Disaster" represents a step toward JoJo's perpetually delayed third album. (The album, titled "Jumping Trains," has reportedly been held up by label drama since JoJo's last record in 2006.)

Video: "In The Dark," JoJo

If JoJo's sultry look is any indication, there could be some more surprises in store when the album finally hits. But will it be "a little too late" for her?