Kina Grannis' Jellybean World: Watch 2011's Best Stop-Motion Music Video

Kina Grannis' 'Arms' Video Grants Social 50 Chart Debut

Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis channels a touch of Peter Gabriel's beloved "Sledgehammer" video, except instead of moving vegetables, Grannis explores a stunning jellybean world. Stop-motion animation and more than a quarter million jellybeans combine to create Grannis' "In Your Arms" video. Watch below.

Video: "In Your Arms," Kina Grannis

The video depicts Grannis performing behind a constantly changing backdrop made of jellybeans; she strolls through a dark forest, bundles up while skiing down snowy mountains, explores a dark cave, and morphes into a jellybean character. Even more impressive than the finished clip is the method used to create it: the video took more than 22 months to produce, was filmed over 1,357 hours, and used 288,000 jellybeans spread throughout 2,460 frames to create the intricate visual effects.

"In Your Arms" is the latest track off her Grannis' 2010 album, "Stairwells."