Foster The People Unleash Cops & Robbers Video for 'Don't Stop'

Foster The People Unleash Cops & Robbers Video for 'Don't Stop'

2011 breakout stars Foster The People are back with a wild new music video for "Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)," featuring clueless cops, fake mustaches, lots of cash, and actress Gabourey Sidibe (of "Precious" fame).

Video: Foster The People, "Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)"

In the clip, the indie-pop darlings pose as aggressive yet dim-witted cops and an equally dull yet ambitious robber. The video starts off innocently enough, with a DMV instructor arriving for Sidibe's driving test. However, things quickly spiral out of control, as Sidibe's DMV instructor is exposed as a crook on the run with a fat stack of cash. After alerting the police with such reckless driving, the pigs go on pursuit, resulting in a comical struggle between Sidibe, the thief, and the slapstick cops. Sidibe starts the video as the victim, but by clip's end, she emerges victorious with the car, the cash, and a huge smooch right on the robber's lips. It's safe to say she would've earned her license.

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The video is Foster The People's fourth off their debut album "Torches," following "Call It What You Want, "Helena Beat" and their breakthrough hit "Pumped Up Kicks."