David Guetta Riffs on 'Super 8' in 'Titanium' Clip

David Guetta Riffs on 'Super 8' in 'Titanium' Clip

For the music video for "Titanium," the latest single off of his fifth album "Nothing But The Beat," David Guetta takes a dip into the cinematic and recruits "Super 8" star Ryan Lee for another supernatural tale.

As the Sia-assisted single revs up, Lee's character slowly makes his way through a deserted, totally destroyed school hallway, eyeing a teacher who's stricken with fear. Soon the viewer realizes that the boy is the cause of the damage, and the one to be afraid of -- the little man can move objects with his mind. The clip ends with a showdown in the woods between Lee and some particularly angry-looking law enforcement agents, and after Sia sings, "Shoot me down/But I won't fall/I am titanium," the kid blows his enemies away. The supernatural scene and suburban setting recall "Super 8," J.J. Abrams' sci-fi opus released in June.

David Guetta: Inside His Latest Hit Parade, 'Nothing But the Beat'

"Without You," Guetta's "Nothing But The Beat" single featuring Usher, remained at No. 9 on last week's Hot 100. However, at Z100's Jingle Ball concert earlier this month, Guetta told Billboard that he puts "Titanium" on the same level as his latest hit single.

"On my album 'Nothing But The Beat,' there's two songs that I think are really, really special -- it's 'Without You' and 'Titanium,' because they're so emotional," said Guetta. "For Usher and myself to find a record that would be in the middle of both of our worlds -- and at the same time, not to sound like anything he's done before, not to sound like anything I've done before -- it was very challenging, and I think that's why it's so special."