The Deadlies Unseat Traphik as Uncharted's New No. 1

The Deadlies Unseat Traphik as Uncharted's New No. 1

Stop the presses--there's a new Uncharted superstar in town. Sliding into No. 1 this week is the Los Angeles rock quartet the Deadlies. With members from Mexico, Japan and Southern California, the band has consistently ranked in Uncharted's top 5, thanks to nearly 2.5 million total song plays on MySpace Music. The group has finally unseated seven-week chart-topper Traphik thanks to tireless online fan outreach and almost 300,000 song plays on MySpace Music during the chart week. Over the next few months, they plan to continue building a name for themselves by hitting the road on a California tour, with a new manager and publicity team in tow, and by making a stop by SXSW in Austin this month. They'll play several unofficial festivals and showcases, including Billboard Pro's daytime showcase on Saturday, March 19 at Buffalo Billiards.

DJ Bam Bam, the Chicago electro DJ best known for his infectious house remixes, was a steady climber on this week's Uncharted. With over 100,000 MySpace Music song plays since last week, Bam Bam succeeded in climbing six slots from No. 14 to No. 8.

Also burning up this week's chart is the goth rock project Jet Black Kiss. The brainchild of Robert S. Liam, also known as "Simon," chopped its no. 42 rank in half and came in at No. 21. To date, Jet Black Kiss has accumulated over three million song plays on MySpace Music, the most recent of which no doubt thanks to the inclusion of a recent track on the latest edition of the music video game Rock Band.

And Uncharted has a brand-new talent in its ranks in folk singer/songwriter Agnes Obel, who comes in at No. 38. Based in Berlin, Obel has been gathering buzz since her first album debuted in December. The Danish singer shares a distributor with established artists like Adele and Weezer and attracted steady attention this week through her presence on MySpace Music,, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

Finally, we say goodbye to Anna Calvi, Uncharted's newest graduate. The singer-songwriter, who was featured on the cover of last month's Billboard Uncharted magazine insert, made it to no. 42 on Billboard's Heatseekers albums this week with her eponymous debut. Calvi has recently been forced to cancel tour dates, including her appearances at SXSW, due to an arm injury, but is scheduled to resume performances as soon as possible. For her burgeoning fan base, that day couldn't come sooner.

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