Uncharted Territory: BL3ND Still Rules, Polish Reggae's Big Debut

Uncharted Territory: BL3ND Still Rules, Polish Reggae's Big Debut

Uncharted Territory: BL3ND Still Rules, Polish Reggae's Big Debut

This week's Top 10 of the Uncharted Music chart has a striking resemblance to last week's--except for a certain Polish reggae group. DJ BL3ND adds another week to his reign atop Uncharted Artists as he also adds another on the Social 50 chart after his re-entry last week. His latest mix "Swagga," just hit 2 million plays on YouTube. Also holding strong is Girl Talk whose success from his MySpace takeover last week, which more than quadrupled his Last.fm plays, has carried him over to remain at No. 3 this week.

The biggest debut on the chart follows just after as the reggae group Star Guard Muffin from Brzeg, Poland lands at the No. 4, thanks to a huge increase of activity on their MySpace page. Most likely due to the June 24 release of their latest EP "Jamaican Trip," the band more than doubled their MySpace friends and upped their MySpace song plays from last week's 3,500 to 86,000 plays during the chart week.

The rest of the of the Top 10 looks more or less the same, though last week's No. 6 artist Your Favorite Enemies fell to the No. 10 position from a decrease in YouTube views, despite an increase in Last.fm plays. Colette Carr, who's been making a splash on the chart with her debut single "We Do It (Primo)," holds her position from last week at No. 7 despite a dramatic drop in both plays on SoundCloud as well as views on YouTube.

The chart boasts five other debuts on the chart coming from electronic producer Gold Panda at No. 15, UK producer/DJ Star Slinger at No. 36, London-based SBTRK at No. 39 (who is no doubt feeling the help from rapper Drake, who recently remixed his track "Wildfire"), and French electronic production/remix duo Mustard Pimp at No. 45. As mentioned last week, keep your eyes on Brazil: the country continues to make waves, as Rio de Janeiro punk band F292 lands the second highest debut of the week at No. 18 due solely to their MySpace presence.

Pretty Lights, who is featured in this week's Billboard magazine cover package "States of Independence," jumps four spots to No. 28 this week. It remains to be seen whether exposure shows any type of increase for the electronic music producer/performer as SBTRK found himself debuting on the chart after a feature in the magazine.

In other moves, Tyler Ward, who racks up his 20th week on the Uncharted ranking (peaking at No. 3 in May), makes a comeback onto the Social 50 chart re-entering at an impressive No. 27. Ward is the only other artist other than the chart's topper DJ BL3ND to have made an appearance on both.

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