Uncharted Territory: Hoodie Allen Breaks Into The Top 5, Dionne Bromfield Holds Strong

Hoodie Allen Crowdsurfs His Way Through NYC Gig

Hoodie Allen Crowdsurfs His Way Through NYC Gig

If it weren't for the stalwart presence of DJ Bl3nd or Traphik on Uncharted, we may have found ourselves with a new No .1 this week. Still, that doesn't make Hoodie Allen's monstrous leap from No. 33 to No. 2 any less impressive. Earlier this week the former Google employee turned rapper released his new mixtape, "Leap Year" (the follow-up to last year's break-out, "Pep Rally"), and put it up to stream on his SoundCloud, where he notched over 250,000 plays, after just 16,000 last week. Hoodie Allen's growing popularity is undeniable, and it'll be interesting to see whether or not he becomes a mainstay among the Uncharted elite.

Speaking of sticking around, Dionne Bromfield, who made her big debut last week at No. 7, held steady this week, dropping down just one spot, while still maintaining big numbers. Frankly, this is somewhat surprising: Bromfield is Amy Winehouse's godchild and undoubtedly saw her stock rise following the singer's death last week, and, as we noted last week, there was a good chance interest in Bromfield would drop off this week. Granted it's still to early to tell whether the continued interest in Bromfield is due to lingering interest in Winehouse's passing, or if it's due to her own music-still, over 7,000 MySpace and nearly 15,000 Last.fm plays don't lie.

Elsewhere among the Uncharted, indie sweethearts Pomplamoose--famous for their quirky YouTube covers--find themselves at No. 37 this week. The reason for the jump is that one-half of the group, Nataly Dawn, has created a KickStarter page to fund the recording of her debut solo album. With promises of plenty of rewards for those who donated-everything from t-shirts to concert tickets-Pomplamoose saw increases primarily in their Last.fm plays, getting just over 10,000 this week.

Guitar virtuoso Sungha Jung also made a small jump this week, clocking in at No. 11 thanks to a new video he posted on his YouTube channel. Jung turns "Lonely," a song by K-pop group 2NE1, into another sweet, affecting acoustic ballad that's garnered over 355,000 views.

And last but not least, Midwest rockers La Dispute made their Uncharted debut this week at No. 47. Thanks to some big Last.fm and MySpace plays (over 56,000 and 3,000, respectively) and a big tour opening for mainstays Thrice, there's a good chance this won't be the last you hear from La Disupte.

Other than Hoodie Allen's meteoric rise, the top of Uncharted has maintained the status quo. Traphik is back at No. 1, while DJ Bl3nd fell to No. 3. Tyler Ward jumped a spot to No. 4 as Colette Carr fell to No. 5.

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