Uncharted Territory: The Glee Project's Damien McGinty Gains; Dionne Bromfield Falls

Uncharted Territory: The Glee Project's Damien McGinty Gains; Dionne Bromfield Falls

Oh, "Glee," you marvelous maker of stars and hit songs. Even tangentially (almost) everything you touch turns to gold. Case in point, Damian McGinty, the starry-eyed, 18-year-old Irish crooner who's made it to the final four on Oxygen's reality competition, "The Glee Project." McGinty is no stranger to performing, winning his first singing competition at age 5 and recording with the group Celtic Thunder at age 14; and in gunning for that number one spot on "The Glee Project," he's jumped from No. 25 to No. 14 on this week's Uncharted, thanks to big numbers points on Facebook and Twiter (15,000 and 13,000, respectively). With just two more episodes left in the competition, it'll be interesting to see if McGinity can solidify a fanbase if he ultimately doesn't win, but if he does, well, some big numbers might be around the corner.

The past two weeks we've monitored the Uncharted rise of Dionne Bromfield, an aspiring soul singer who happened to be the godchild of the late Amy Winehouse. Following Winehouse's death, Bromfield jumped to No. 7 and held strong at No. 8 last week. But this week, Bromfield saw a serious decline, falling all the way to No. 29. So it goes: As interest in Winehouse drops, so do Bromfield's numbers, as her MySpace plays dwindled to just over 2,000 and her Wikipedia points fell to just over 12,000. Interestingly, Bromfield saw a bump in her Last.fm plays (almost 14,000 to just over 17,000) but a drop in her Last.fm fans (2,000 to just shy of 1,500), an inconsistency that led to an overall decrease in points.

Elsewhere, alternative Christian rockers Don't Wake Aislin jumped from No. 49 to No. 32 this week. The Dallas, Texas-based band has hit the road in support of their latest release, a self-titled EP, and are seeing interest rise thanks to touring as well as radio play for their single, "Through the Oppression of the Wicked." As DWA continue their tour throughout August, it'll be interesting to see if those radio rotations keep coming-even when Internet buzz seems like the easiest path to success, there's still something to be said about getting out there and playing live.

Just one spot below DWA at is Belgian producer Aeroplane, who makes his re-entry on the Uncharted at No. 33. Aeroplane is back in our midst thanks his new hour-long "July 2011" mix released on his SoundCloud two weeks ago. Thanks to that mix, Aeroplane's SC plays have soared to over 21,000, while his Last.fm plays jumped to just over 7,500 as well. We can most likely expect the August follow-up mix in the coming weeks, and with that odds are Aeroplane will continue to take flight, perhaps maintaining a steady altitude in the Uncharted. [Insert one more forced plane metaphor: Here.]

Finally, the only debut on the Uncharted this week is South Florida rapper, Ville Baby. His success is thanks primarily to his standing in ReverbNation: This past week Ville Baby went from 10,000 to 12,000 points, enough to land him at No. 46 on our charts, while placing him at No. 2 on ReverbNation's regional chart.

Up in the Top 5, things are looking slightly similar but not without a few shakeups. Traphik stayed at No. 1, DJ Bl3nd fell to No. 5, and Tyler Ward found himself at No. 2. Riding high off the success of his latest mixtape, Hoodie Allen fell just one spot to No. 3, while Your Favorite Enemies leapt back into the upper echelon, landing at No. 4.

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