Uncharted Territory: Porter Robinson Re-Enters High, Felguk Climb With 'Jack It'

Porter Robinson to Bring Live 'Energy' to New Studio Material

Welcome back, Porter! Nineteen year-old dubstep producer Porter Robinson exploded on Uncharted this week, re-entering at No. 4 on the strength of his "Spitfire" EP, which was released September 13. Robinson dropped the EP on Beatport and SoundCloud, after which it quickly rose to the No. 1 spot on the former, while in the week since he's notched over 134,000 plays on the latter. Porter's re-emergence is more than impressive, and with that much initial heat, all that whompy bass, and, not to mention, his partnership with reigning dubstep prince, Skrillex, there's a good chance Porter won't be going away any time soon.

Also re-entering the Uncharted is Belgian producer Aeroplane, whom we haven't seen since he popped in at No. 33, following a mix released in early August. This time around, though, Aeroplane returns with a new slow-burning synth jam, "Big Boys Don't Cry," which, following its September 15 premier, has already garnered over 64,000 SoundCloud plays, helping him land squarely at No. 17 this week. As if that weren't enough, yesterday Aeroplane passed the one million plays mark on his SoundCloud profile, as well.

Our third re-entry this week is French rapper OrelSan (aka Aurélien Contentin), who's gearing up for the September 26 release of his new album, "Le Chang Des Sirenes." The video for album's first single, "Suicide Social" has racked up over 348,000 YouTube plays since it premiered on the 15th, while Orelsan has also seen a spike in Facebook fans, gaining over 5,000 new ones this week-all of this enough to see him hit the No. 33 spot this week.

Finally, Brazilian DJ/production duo Felguk jumped from No. 30 to No. 12 this week. The duo dropped their brand new track, "Jack It"--a rubber bass-banger evened out with smooth synth lines--on SoundCloud on September 13th, where it's gotten just over 36,000 plays. As a whole, Felguk saw their SoundCloud plays increase dramatically, with over 15,000 last week, they clocked in with nearly 53,000 this week.

Elsewhere on Uncharted, our old pals Traphik and DJ Bl3nd played musical chairs at the top this week, with the latter taking that No. 1 spot. Your Favorite Enemies found themselves at No. 3, while Tyler Ward closed out the Top 5, right behind Porter Robinson.

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