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Easter Meets 420: A Mixed Bag of Our Favorite Tweets

Up in Smoke: 15 Musician Marijuana Busts

Wiz Khalifa has been upfront about his marijuana passion -- his debut album is called "Rolling Papers," after all -- but the rapper landed in some hot water when police officers smelled marijuana backstage at an East Carolina University performance last November. The "Black and Yellow" star was charged with three drug counts.

Every so often, holidays of various nature collide in an unexpected way -- and today (April 20) is one of those days. 

While some are spending this Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Christ at church or a family brunch, the Cannabis crowd is taking note of the 420 holiday by indulging in a little wacky tobacky. 

Musical artists like country star Tim McGraw went the more traditional route of acknowledging the day by simply wishing followers a "Happy Easter," while the pot-loving Wiz Khalifa has been tweeting nuggets of wisdom all day about the marijuana celebration and a hospitalized Miley Cyrus lamented over missing both holidays. 

Here are some of our favorite Easter-meets-420 tweets, picking favorites over the holidays or mashing them up: