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Top 20 Tweets of the Week: 3/19/2011

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

@ChrisBrown: For anyone I've ever hurt, cursed out, yelled at, been rude too!! I sincerely apologize!! Life is beautiful and we are Beautiful People

questlove (Questo of The Roots): If a girl has to explain to me the spelling of her moniker is pronounced "heaven...but backwards" that supposed to be deep?

@drakkardnoir (Drizzy Drake): People I stalk and hope for their love in return...George Clooney and @brittanyschoice

@OfficalWillow (Willow Smith): Hayley is inspirational! She was the best fan in the crowd tonight!..... These moments are the ones to remember <3 (:

SteveMartinToGo (Steve Martin): Long day: Rehearse Letterman, soundcheck at Highline Ballroom, tape Letterman (on Wednesday), then show at Highline. Walk dog. Google self.

BunBTrillOG (Bun B):Everybody that raps or makes music for the hood..say what u feel but be prepared to explain yourself if asked. Oh and stop lying too.

@scooterbraun: only @AsherRoth sells out a show and then gets off stage and guest bartends for the crowd. #LEGEND

@mattnathanson: shaking the rust off at sxsw. i think i called a kid in the audience the 'c' word cause he was being mouthy.

@melaniefiona: I just friggin had to pay $240 dollars for medicine to cure a sinus infection on top of $150 to see the dr!! C'mon America?!?! #imissCanada

@michaelianblack: I need a new project. Thinking about getting WAY into drugs.

@MikePosner: Chicken fights are very inappropriate for adults.

@CAbramsAI10 (Casey Abrams): I AM out of the hospital, feeling so energetic too. I owe it all to #Tigerblood

@NatalieGrant: Gracie just cried out from her bed. I ran in. She said, "something terrible happened.we forgot to #prayforjapan." I love my child.

@arzE (Ezra Koenig): my accent is New Joisey + Bronx dad with lil inflections picked up from time spent with british kids in strange land in back of my closet

@jessiejofficial (Jessie J): Woah home for like 6 hours!! Re packed and back to Heathrow. No time for makeup lol. I have no idea what I packed. Hahaha!

@wavveswavves (Wavves): Lady in line at the airport just said 'is that a gun in his pocket?' referring to an 8 year old boys penis

@blakeshelton: Just woke up in L.A... Why is there a note on my bathroom mirror that says "Thanks big guy! Call me later - Jim"!?

@JoeBudden: Some of u nasty ass niggaz brushed your teeth this morning & skipped all around your tongue like it wasn't there, lol

@bestycoastyy (Best Coast): Valerian smells like a foot dipped in vinegar. Tastes like it too. Hope it puts me back to bed :(

@travisrclark: I would go skydiving but I'm positive that I would pass out on the way down and totally forget the entire experience.

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