Top 20 Tweets of the Week 6/11/2011

Top 20 Tweets of the Week: 11/20/10

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

Lupe Fiasco
@LupeFiasco : Defend the wicked. Celebrate the wrong. Decorate the ghastly. Learn from the fools. Prize the worthless. Woe the times in which we live.
SheilaEdrummer @swedishousemfia:To the place where it began.Where magic lives & oceans swell.Where time stands still yet moves so fast.Where lovers dance to beating hearts
@KREAYSHAWN: I do whatever!!
Rihanna @rihanna: Brandy is the best…and that is just it!!! These vocals NEVER get old
Alison Haislip @alisonhaislip: Just before we were about to chat, @adamlevine told me he had to pee so bad, he might pee on me. In some circles, I'd be considered "lucky".
Christina Aguilera @TheRealXtina: In the words of Beyonce & #TeamXtina "Who Run tha World--GIRLS"!!!!!
Britney Spears @britneyspears: Can't wait to see you tmw Nicki. #FemmeFataleTour -Britney RT @NICKIMINAJ: Nicki discusses plans for Femme Fatale Tour
Nicki Minaj @NICKIMINAJ: Peas? Yuck. Fish n grits w/cheese tho. Hotsauce/ketchup RT @TeamMinajNASSAU: @NickiMinaj u ever had peas n grits with fried fish?! omgahhh
Big Sean @BigSean: Creative has no ceilings n me, Ye, Cudi, GOOD, etc will only get better n better! I'm dedicating my life to this. N im happy to be here!
Diplo @diplo: When i dont wear my glasses it looks like all the signs say reggae claim at the airport @majorlazer
Michelle Williams @RealMichelleW: Confession: I am sure to have confused people with my music...but I LOVE MUSIC..all kinds and it's been hard to pick just one genre!! LOL!!
Ne-Yo @NeYoCompound: Sal-u twit fam! Update: Album is coming together oh SO very nice! We takin' em' back to when music made you FEEL somethin' on this one!
Trace Cyrus @TraceCyrus: Just got home from the studio! Miley recorded her part for the song on my album tonight. She sounded amazing on it! Get ready!
Taylor Swift @taylorswift13: I was like 'I get to sing with Fergie in NYC?!' and then there was rain and lightning and they're like 'it's cancelled' and I was like :-(
50 Cent @50cent: Heard my girl Britney is having fans join her on stage! What about this dog? #getfamos time 4 a duet.
Mark Hoppus @markhoppus: Stock Market's been down lately. I'm over it. Putting all my money in back into Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids.
Ke$ha @keshasuxx: i recycle bodyparts. im looking at all my crazybeautiful fans teeth right now!! i got a box of em and ive never been so excited !!!
joe jonas @joejonas: Last rehearsal today. Feeling good. Feeling ready. Chicago here we go!
Alexander William @AlexAllTimeLow: I'm going to drink absinthe until my organs turn to dynamite, and I launch myself into an earth-threatening meteor and save the day. Boom
Diddy @iamdiddy: just got off stage at summerjam--thanks for all the love!!!

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