Jay-Z, Drake Impersonator Joins 'SNL' Cast

Jay-Z, Drake Impersonator Joins 'SNL' Cast

If you're excited about "SNL" hiring new cast members for the upcoming season, kicking off on Sept. 25, then you might really, really, really like that 22-year-old comedian Jay Pharoah, who's made a name for himself by impersonating celebrities like Jay-Z, Drake, President Obama, Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy, among others, is one of them.

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Pharoah, who hails from Virginia, is the fourth new talent hired by SNL this season and will be the first African American to join the cast since 2003, when Kenan Thompson arrived.

Jay Pharoah, Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy spoof

Jay Pharoah, President Obama spoof

Jay Pharoah, Jay-Z and Dipsest spoof

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Pharoah, born Jared Farrow, will debut on the season opener, hosted by former cast member Amy Poehler and featuring singer Katy Perry.