Nicki Minaj, Perform Their Duet At VMAs

Looking like an extraterrestrial power couple, rocked the blackface and Nicki Minaj sported a pink beehive during their pre-show performance .

Nicki Minaj tapped into her inner Rainbow Bright alongside a Black-face for their VMAs pre-show performance.

Video: Nicki Minaj and at the VMAs

Wearing a bright pink and purple metallic one piece with a pink wig topped with a bee-hive and backed by two dancers, Nicki took the stage to her chart-topping hit "Your Love." After singing a few seconds of the track, the song sped up and transitioned to her latest "Check It Out." That's when joined her on stage, taking "all black everything" to new heights as he wore black from head to toe -- literally.

The rapper/producer not only had a black top, pants and sneakers, he was also in Black face and had a hard, shinny hair piece on in the shape of a side -mohawk with a strip of bright pink down the middle.

The two were later joined by a male break dancer, who popped and locked it to the beat.