Jay-Z Chats With Steve Forbes, Warren Buffett

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If swapping stories with Steve Forbes and Warren Buffett isn't the epitome of success, I don't know what is.

A suited-up Jay-Z sat down with the two moneymakers to discuss luck, philanthropy, the music industry and life in general.

Jay-Z chats with Warren Buffett

"Here I was in this soon-to-be very rich capitalistic system and it just so happened that what I did paid off enormously," 80-year-old Buffett said about the role luck played in his life. "If I had a talent in some other area that was way less commercial, I would've had a good time doing it but it wouldn't had paid off like this."

The best part was when Buffett referred to Jay as just that -- Jay. "Jay said it perfectly when he talked about -- he's recording himself and the money comes after," the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway said casually. "I got to do what I love and it doesn't get any luckier than that."

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Jay-Z talked about growing up in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects and the slim chances he had to be successful coming from there. "There are very few people from my neighborhood in my environment that make it out, forget about being successful, but to make it out alive," he said, before sharing a story about how a close friend, who just returned from serving 13-years in prison, got arrested during a raid in which Jay-Z would've probably gone down as well had it not been for his music.

"A guy by the name of Jaz I started off with really early got a deal with EMI and had an opportunity to go to London to record an album," he said. "I went along with him for two months, and in those two months they had a sting operation and took my friend I'm talking about for 13 years. The only reason I wasn't there was 'cause I was away doing this music stuff."

The two also discussed Napster, the current state of the music industry, and competition, at which point Buffett gave Jay kudos for being a prominent figure in hip-hop "even though he's moved beyond the age you normally associate his field with."