Drake Under Investigation After Fan Scuffle, Maino Hits Hospital ER

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Drake is under battery investigation after a Jacksonville, Florida, fan was sent to the hospital following a scuffle with the rapper's bodyguards.

Video: Drake bodyguard punches fan

A pair of fans were apparently trying to congratulate Drake for his success when one of them, a male named Jeremis Perez Soriano, was punched in the mouth by one of Drake's goons security dudes. Soriano started to call Drake names when the rapper himself allegedly pushed him away; he and his female friend were then escorted from the club.

Afterwards, according to the female, Drake went to get on his tour bus and flicked her off, saying, "F*ck you, you're nothing."

Soriano went to Memorial Hospital where he received six stitches in his mouth for his injuries. "These are the people that are buying your CDs. You shouldn't treat us like that," he told a CBS 47 reporter.

Soriano says he will press charges and is seeking legal advice in hopes of getting his medical bills paid.

In related news, Drake released the remix to his "Fancy" track last night (Sept. 28), which features both Swizz Beatz and Mary J. Blige. The track originally features T.I. and Swizz.

And speaking of hospital visits, rapper Maino was apparently up at Allen Hospital In New York City earlier this week after a female friend was caught in a brawl at a nightclub. According to others in the Emergency Room that night, it turns out the female is allegedly pregnant and started bleeding after the scuffle. Maino was not there for the fight, but, met the girl at the hospital after parking his Bentley right out front.

I hope the injuries weren't serious and that mother and baby are both well.