Sade Turned Down Jay-Z Collabo Because She's 'Scared'

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For all those artists out there that dream of collaborating with Sade one day -- keep on dreaming!

Apparently, the very humble Sade told the Los Angeles Times that she's turned down bigwigs like Jay-Z, who have wanted to rhyme over her beats or do "collabos" with her singing a hook on a hip-hop track.

"I'm too scared," she says. "They'll find me out. It's like 'The Wizard of Oz.' They'll find out there's nothing there. As for collaborations, I'm collaborating with the band and do what we do. I see myself as a member of this band who does these songs that we write."

Sade does say, though, that she is down to have her music sampled -- and for a cheap price.

One 21st century music business convention she does acknowledge enjoying is sampling. "When it comes to sample clearances, I'm probably the cheapest chick in the west," she says, quite amused by that idea.

In the meantime, you can still hear Sade -- no collabs -- on the North American leg of their 50-city tour on June 16 at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena. Woo hoo!