Nicki Minaj Producer Says "Right Thru Me' Is 'Special'

Nicki Minaj Producer Says "Right Thru Me' Is 'Special'

Nicki Minaj premiered the video to her latest single, "Right Thru Me," yesterday (Oct. 27) on BET's "106 & Park." On the eve of the reveal, the Juice chatted with the hit song's producer, Drew Money, who says even before Nicki laid her vocals on it, he knew the track "was special."

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"You know, even when I made the beat, I knew it was special," he says. "I wanted to make something for her that had a nice pop feel to it but that she could still rap over it -- just a real cool-sounding song. I think when she heard it for the first time, a certain emotion took over and she wrote what she felt. Once I found out she liked and recorded it, I knew it would be big."

Aside from "Right Thru Me," Drew says he has two other songs on the "Pink Friday" album, and a potential fourth is in contention to make the final cut. As far as the rest of the album goes, he adds, "It sounds crazy. People know her mostly from her features but I think once the album comes out it'll establish her as force to be reckoned with. I think it'll exceed people's expectations."

Drew also says that Nicki's appeal goes far beyond her lyrical prowess. "She just has the 'it' factor. Not only does she have that star quality and is very talented with her lyrics, her songwriting and her singing even, but she's very pretty, she's business savvy and she's extremely smart," he says.

In addition to Nicki, Drew's currently working with E-40, Too Short, Cash Money and Young Jeezy. Still, Nicki's one of the projects he's most excited for late 2010. "There's a lot of pressure on her, but when they hear this album, they'll be in shock at how amazing it is," he says. "She covers a lot of bases."