Kanye West Discusses Kid Cudi, Jay-Z For President

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Shortly before smugly proclaiming his "swag is so one hundred million trillion," a confident Kanye West greets the room at the New York premiere of his short film "Runaway" on Oct. 21.

During yesterday's (Nov. 3) interview with Houston radio show 97.9 The Box, Kanye West not only discussed George Bush and Taylor Swift, he also chatted about Kid Cudi's drug addiction and his thoughts on Jay-Z running for president.

Audio: Kanye West on Kid Cudi, Jay-Z

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"Kid Cudi is my personal favorite artist in the world right now. His whole take on the game is just unfiltered, uncensored artistry," 'Ye said about Cudi after stating that the rehabilitated rapper is doing well. "That's something that myself and Jay all look up to. Even once you get to commercial success, we like to take everything out to an unfiltered space. And that's what he's delivering.

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"His album comes out next week and everybody has to go and listen to that if you want to listen to raw, uncut, unapologetic, ill ass melodies -- that's what Kid Cudi is," Kanye continued. "The dark moments we've had, whether someone is dealing with drug addiction or loss or a bad relationship, it helps add and fuel the music and those live experiences just like real people deal with those types of things."

As for reports that Jay-Z might run for president in the future, Kanye says "That would be pretty amazing. I think that would be a possibility, but, God the responsibility! It's so much more fun to be a rock star than a President. Rock stars can get away with anything... I mean, it's great that we've overcome that and it shows we can do that, but for me I wouldn't want that. I'm an artist -- I want the freedom to express myself."