Nicki Minaj Paid Too Much, Say Trinidad Officials

Nicki Minaj performs at 'VH1 Divas Salutes the Troops'

An audit has been called on the concert organizers for an Oct. 31 show that took place in Trinidad featuring Nicki Minaj, for which the rapper was allegedly paid $825,000.

According to reports, a government official in Minaj's hometown is not pleased with the cost of the concert and is asking for an investigation to take place. The concert took place at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain and was put together by the organizations Project Records and Trinidad's Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

While local acts also performed at the event, Minaj apparently racked up the most mula: $382,000. According to, an additional $60,000 was spent on hotel, $150,000 on advertising, $75,000 on the venue, $32,000 was given to the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, $40,000 on other artists, and $26,000 for "cultural acts."

Darryl Braxton of Project Records says the event was put together off the good faith of others, through sponsorships from local companies and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, as well as his own contributions. He alleges "the show didn't make any money. I did not make a cent. I am still owing money," he said during an interview.

Messy, messy, messy.

If you haven't seen footage of the show, which appears on Minaj's MTV doc, "My Time Now," check it out below:

Video: Nicki Minaj performs in Trinidad