Kanye's Ex Amber Rose 'Kills Em' In New Fabolous Video

Fabolous and Kanye squeeze Amber Rose share a moment at Fab's 32nd birthday party at New York's Rivington Penthouse on November 18.

Amber Rose isn't Kanye West's arm piece anymore, but the bald-headed beauty is still making her rounds. Rose is the leading lady in Fabolous' latest viral clip, "You Be Killin Em." Watch below:

Video: Fabolous, "You Be Killin Em"

In the video (helmed by Aristotle), the former stripper plays the role of a hired killer who has more smarts than even law enforcement. In the end, even Fab is left wondering how the sexy vixen outwits a handful of cops who come knocking at his door in search for her.

What are your thoughts? Does Rose have a future in this line of work? Leave your comments below.