Lil Wayne 'Lasagna' Line In '6'7' Causes Controversy, Thoughts?

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It seems folks are dissecting Lil Wayne's "6'7" track to a, er, "G"?

Although the single, released yesterday (Dec. 14) and featuring Cory Gunz, has a lot of Wayne fans looking forward to the February 2011 release of "Tha Carter IV," there's one particular line that has others stumped. "Real Gs move in silence like lasagna" has curious listeners questioning, is the "G" really silent in "lasagna"? And if it isn't and Weezy made a technical blooper, does it mean it isn't a hot line anymore?

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Some think not only is the line not impressive but it doesn't make sense either. "That line isnt dope n its been used before n different context by many rappers," said stoopidvillinz on a thread on, while Caliisactive wrote, "I aint gonna lie dope idea poor execution."

An apparently confused Questlove from The Roots posted on his Twitter page, "real g's moves in silence like lasagna" -lil wayne. #AmIGettinOld?"

But it seems most think, regardless of a potential inaccuracy, the line is still fire. Rapper Joe Budden posted on Twitter: "That n*gga Wayne said "real G's move in silence like lasagna" ..... dope ... silly, but really dope ...."

Carl Chery, Executive Music Editor for BET Digital, says whether the "g" in "lasagna" is silent or not, Wayne's wordplay is still commendable. "'Gs move in silence' is such an old concept. For him to find a way to play with it the way he did is pretty dope," he says. "If we start being technical with lyrics, then we'll have to void a lot of these rappers' punchlines," he adds, giving the example of Keith Murray's line, "I'm gonna get you sucker like Damon Wayans." "It was Keenan," he says, "but no one cared."

MTV's Jayson Rodriguez agrees. "A cursory listen and the line comes off clever. But then if you slow down and think about how the 'g' and the 'n' connect, you realize they work in conjunction to make the pronunciation of the word come together so it takes the sting out of the line," he says. "The sentiment, though, remains and if you agree to give him [Lil Wayne] creative license, then, it's a dope, rewind-worthy set of lyrics."

Others have gone as far as to give a grammatical English lesson about the "g" in "lasagna," like HHReloaded. "The G isn't technically silent, as it changes the way the last syllable is pronounced. No, you don't hear the typical G sound, but "GN" changes the end of the word," he said on a forum on "If the G wasn't there, we wouldn't pronounce lasagna like we do. It would be "la-sa-na", which is obviously wrong. As it is, we pronounce it "la-zan-ya". The "GN" in the word gives the last syllable it's "y" sound. This doesn't really affect the bar, but should hopefully clear up the bastardized English lessons being tossed around this thread."

According to, Lil Wayne is sort of right. The "gn" combination automatically makes the "g" silent in words with an Anglo Saxon origin. The thing is, Italian is considered an Italic language, so, does it apply? I'm officially confused.

To further confirm, though, I went ahead and asked a couple of the Italians and Italian-Americans at the Billboard office for their opinions, and they all agree the "g" in "lasagna" is silent.

Sigh. I honestly think people have WAY too much time on their hands. And, even if the content of the line is slightly incorrect, it's still a hot line. "Life is a bitch and death is her sister/sleep is the cousin, what a f*cking family picture/you know father time, and we all know mother nature, it's all in the family but I am of no relation.' -- Wayne on the same song. but yet this is line everyones talking about?," Got Cheeve over on said. Totes, Got Cheeve.

Still, just for fun we came up with a list of other words Lil Wayne could've used instead of "lasagna" that do have silent "g"s in them to avoid confusion, like:








Anywho, what are your thoughts? Is the "G" silent in "Lasagna"? Or not? Cast your vote below.

(Thanks to my coworker Lisa "Real G" Binkert for the heads up.)