Chili Seeks the Ideal Man on VH1, Eyes TLC 20th Anniversary Shows

Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins and Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas of TLC reunite for the Justin Timberlake and Friends benefit concert in Las Vegas on Oct. 17.

Rozanda "Chili" Thomas is kicking off the second season of her "What Chili Wants" reality show on VH1 on Jan. 2, and the TLC member has a new plan to find the man of her dreams.

Video: "What Chili Wants" Season Two Trailer

"The first season wasn't fair, because I didn't pick any of those guys -- they were all like blind dates," explains Chili. "This time around, I chose all of the guys. I looked at all of the pictures and listened to all of the interviews."

There are already two top contenders among the bachelors vying for Chili's heart: a tall, Swedish "cute" man and a curly-haired Brazilian race car driver. But, she says, her criteria isn't solely looks -- although she does say her future husband has to be "drop dead gorgeous in my eyes" -- or profession. It's also about the candidates' connections to God.

"He has to love God and really have a strong relationship with our Father," she says. "I've heard guys say to me before, 'You don't know how to submit.' It's funny to me because I understand what that is, but they don't. I don't submit to a man that's not submitting to God, because if you're not following Big G, what do I look like following you?"

Chili says she is confident she will find her ideal man, regardless of what others may think. "I don't feel [it's too much] because I know the kind of woman I am and to say that man doesn't exist is to say I don't exist. I have hope," says Chili.

There is one man, while not a participant on the show, that has had a piece of Chili's heart since season one: boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. While Chili acknowledges the two "friends" do have a connection, there are "some parts that have kept my guards up," she explains about why the two haven't been in a relationship regardless of their attraction. "I know Floyd the man, but the other Floyd - the extra flashy, talks a lot of stuff - that's the one I'm not so interested in. As his friend, I dismiss some things, but not sure I would if he were my man."

While the show is still being recorded through 2011, Chili says she has a couple of other plans in place for the new year, including the celebration of TLC's 20th anniversary. Although everything is still in its preliminary stages, she says she and TLC member T-Boz plan on doing "something special for our fans all over in the States. We just want to map out different places to go and have our 20 year anniversary performances."