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Drake Hotline Bling
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Drake in the video for "Hotline Bling."

Drake’s “Hotline Bling” has spawned about as many spin-offs as a Flavor Flav reality show. Artists from various genres have dialed in their own versions of the viral hit, which has so far peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

From pop-up covers courtesy of Alessia Cara, Sam Smith and Disclosure, to ear-catching remixes from Trina, Erykah Badu and even an NBA star, Drizzy's SoundCloud gem has been a launching pad for hitmakers of all levels.

Justin Bieber Drops 'Hotline Bling' Remix On His Very Own Actual Hotline

Here, Billboard revisits the most memorable remixes and covers to come out of “Hotline Bling." Feel free to leave a message and choose your favorite "Bling" cover below:

Iman Shumpert
Tipping off the list is Cleveland Cavaliers star Iman Shumpert, whose rapper tendencies churned out a left-field take on Drake’s bling-y single. For “Highlight Reel,” Shump's mission is getting his bars up. “You gotta call me on my iPhone/ ‘Cause I won’t answer no DM,” he sing-raps. “I know they love that highlight reel/ That’s why they focus on the Jumbotron.”

Keyshia Cole
A decade after her 2005 smash “Love,” Keyshia Cole dropped some high notes with a female response to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” She stretches out her vocal cords for an emotional remix, where she takes aim at her ex, singing, “You know the love we shared, you know what we had was rare, you know the weight that I carry, I gave up, you wasn’t there.”

Sufjan Stevens
During a recent Jersey City performance, Sufjan Stevens and special guest Gallant paid homage to Aubrey with a live rendition of “Hotline Bling.” Drake’s baby face even hogged up the background. The casual cover still hit the right notes, despite finding a home in Stevens’ Halloween set.

Mila J
Mila J reconnected with BC Kingdom for a sensually trippy version of Drake’s iPhone hit called “Hotline Bling Bling.” Her electronic-esque vocals and BC’s synth-heavy production will transport any listener to a different area code.

Malaysian songbird Yuna set the mood with her lullaby version of “Hotline Bling.” The dreamy melody and her whispery vocals repackage the Drake ditty with a softer touch, more suitable for bedtime.

Sam Smith & Disclosure
Sam Smith and Disclosure joined forces (yet again) for the dance-pop cover of “Hotline Bling” as premiered during an in-studio set in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in September. Pairing the U.K. pop sensation’s distinct vocals and Disclosure’s groovy vibes, this remix deserves a two-step or three.

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Charlie Puth & Kehlani
Drizzy’s bae anthem gets a three-way remix from Kehlani and Charlie Puth. This piano-driven version feels reminiscent of DJ Sammy’s candlelight mix of “Heaven.” With Puth and Kehlani singing their hearts out, this version is reserved for significant others only.

Miami rapstress Trina gets down and dirty on her “Hotline Bling” remix. “All these n---as want a bossy bitch, procrastinate and play games,” she raps. “You want to call my phone on the late night when you drunk as f---, you lame.” The Baddest Bitch clearly has no issues calling out a choosy lover in this gutsy display.

Alessia Cara
Def Jam signee Alessia Cara was early on the “Hotline Bling” remix train. Stopping by Sydney TV station Channel V in August, the Canadian songstress showed love to the 6 God with an acoustic yet sultry version of the OVO chart-topper.
Justin Bieber
Canada’s top music MVPs collided when Justin Bieber rehashed “Hotline Bling” for a Snapchat-worthy remix, even releasing it on an actual hotline. Urging Internet users to dial in, the Biebs did not disappoint, offering one of the better covers that #TeamDrake has laid ears on.

Unfortunately, Bieber's "Hotline Bling" remix has been pulled from SoundCloud and YouTube, but you can still call (231) 377-1113 to hear it!

Erykah Badu
Any time Erykah Badu co-signs a jam, it’s a straight up win. Known for her unique takes on life, love and everything in between (please refer to her timeline @fatbellybella), Miss Badu does an enchanting dance on the Nineteen85-produced melody. Mixing in a tinge of AutoTune, Badu’s “Hotline Bling But U Caint Use My Phone Mix” wins for best use of the interlude and term “cellular device.”