Bobby Shmurda Interviewed From Prison, Tells Kids Not to 'Reenact' His Music

Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET
Bobby Shmurda attends 106 & Party at BET studio on Dec. 12, 2014 in New York City.

Bobby Shmurda got on the phone with Hot 97 last week (Oct. 23) from prison to clarify the mixed reports about his bail situation, and to give a little advice to his younger fans.

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Joined by his mother Leslie, the rapper (whose given name is Ackquille Pollard) told Hot 97's Ebro that the reason he's not yet out on bail is that the courts want ten percent up front, plus collateral to reflect the full $2 million sum. Neither Pollard nor his label Epic Records have been able (or in the latter's case, willing) to offer that level of collateral.

Nevertheless, Pollard insisted that he's doing OK at the George Motchan Detention Center (part of New York's Riker's Island compound), where he's currently being detained. "I heard a bunch of rumors about stuff happening to me -- ain’t nobody laid a finger on me yet," he told Ebro.

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To his fans, for whom the rapper's platinum 2014 single "Hot N----" has become an anthem, he said, "This shit ain’t sweet. To all the kids out there, my music is not for nobody to go reenact or something."

Alluding to his native East Flatbush, Brooklyn neighborhood, Pollard added, "A lot of people don’t come from where I come from, a lot do -- but the people that do come from where I come from, it don’t make it right for the things I talk about, to go outside and do it.

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"It’s okay to be in the club and reenact when we're dancing and having fun," he concluded. "That’s about it, don’t take it farther than the club. These people not playing with us right now. Young black kids, young kids period. They not playing with nothing right now. They trying to take eight years out my life right now."

Listen to the full interview below: