Kick Back With Love, Lust, Gin & Whiskey in Black Atlass' 'Haunted Paradise' Video

Black Atlass
Yimmy Yayo

Black Atlass

After debuting on Jaden Smith's MSFTS FREQUENCY Beats 1 show, “Haunted Paradise” gets an official music video.

Angel-voiced, shape-shifting R&B artist Black Atlass -- aka Alex Fleming -- is releasing a trio of singles on Fool’s Gold Records. Each is planned as a multi-sensory experience, coming with a video and self-designed zine. The first is a balmy ride to a land of faraway vices called “Haunted Paradise,” and we’ve got the premiere of its music video.

"'Haunted Paradise' is a song about love, lust, and the hidden vices that paradise can bring out in a person,” Fleming tells Billboard. “Without using a narrative I wanted to create an atmosphere around the song that felt as though you could see the colors and emotions attached to the place I felt in my mind while writing it.”

“Living in a haunted paradise,” Fleming sings, speaking of “mixing your blood with whiskey.” Sprawled in torment on the beach, Fleming finds -- shall we say -- a message in a bottle, though that message is not whiskey, but Bombay Sapphire Gin. 

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“I wanted to show audiences what the soul of the song would look like,” Fleming continues. “It was amazing to collaborate with two great visionaries, Tyler Ross and Andy Hines, who really understood how to make that happen."

Fleming -- whose musical journey has improbably led him to collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Action Bronson -- is following up this year’s Jade LP and last year’s Young Bloods EP. The pair of follow-up singles to “Haunted Paradise” are coming in the future from Fool’s Gold.