See All the Best Memes Inspired By Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Video

Drake in the "Hotline Bling"
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Drake in the "Hotline Bling"

The "Hotline Bling" video dropped last night (Oct. 19), and like most things Drake-related, it blew up instantly. The colorful, minimalist clip mostly showcased Drake's completely-unembarrassed dancing (alongside a few voluptuous twerkers, of course), proving the perfect fodder for GIFs, memes, Vines, and all the other socially-oriented #content that dictates a 2015 music video's success.

Drake Shows He Knows How to Cha-Cha in 'Hotline Bling' Video: Watch

The majority of the memes fell either into the category of mash-ups (see a Drake-endorsed one below) or of stills with bae/Netflix and chill/"TFW when" themed-captions -- nevertheless, hilarity (mostly) ensues. See some of our favorites below:

Drake dances to the Frasier theme quite nicely. pic.twitter.com/GK0X6iTlsz

— Mark (@tole_cover) October 20, 2015