Happy Birthday, Eminem! Watch This Steve Porter Slim Shady Supercut

Courtesy of Interscope

Eminem turned 43 Saturday (Oct. 16) and to celebrate video remix maestro DJ Steve Porter delivered an early birthday present with a video supercut that edits together old interviews of the hip-hop heavyweight, putting it to his now iconic "My Name Is" beat.

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The Rolling Stone video includes clips around Eminem's breakout in 1999, cutting together pieces from MTV, the Canadian Much network and the independent show PhatClips, which most notably shows Eminem confessing he's "a little shroomed-out" and stating, "I don't promote drugs." Then a hook from his 2009 video "We Made You" plays makes for a new hook with the line, "Matter fact, make me a birthday cake."

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"I wanted to give Eminem some birthday love via his early days on video," Porter told Rolling Stone. "He’s as hilarious and funny as he is talented, and I wanted to bring those elements out in this remix."

Watch it here: