Kylie Jenner & Tyga: A Complete Timeline of Their Relationship

Kylie Jenner and Tyga
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Kylie Jenner and Tyga arrive bearing gifts at the LA Gear Presents Teen Impact Holiday Party Hosted By Tyga At Childrens Hospital LA on December 15, 2014 in Los Angeles.

The romance between Kylie Jenner and Tyga has been an interesting one, to say the least. With the public watching just about every step of the way over the past year, the rapper and model/reality star seven years his younger have gone from quiet canoodling to putting their love on blast, as documented in Tyga's new "Stimulated" music video.

How did "Kyga" get this far from statutory suggestion to loud and (barely) legal love? Let's look back at the -- ahem -- maturing of their relationship.

November 2011
Tyga and Kylie met when the rapper performed at Kendall Jenner's Sweet 16 party. The shindig aired in December that year as part of season six of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Aug. 10, 2014
Images of Tyga (then 24) and Kylie Jenner appeared from her 17th birthday party, which was held at Tyga's house. The party also included Justin Bieber, Kylie's sister Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown and The Game in attendance. TMZ released a video following showing Tyga offering his future beau a shot -- still four years under the legal drinking age.

Aug. 12. 2014
Early reports begin surfacing that Tyga and his ex Blac Chyna have split up. The two share a son, King Cairo Stevenson, who was then 22 months old.

Oct. 6, 2014
Tyga and Kylie have their first public spotting, going to dinner at Kabuki restaurant in Hollywood.

Nov. 16, 2014
Tyga fails to show up for a club appearance at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood when the venue refused to allow Kylie Jenner into the hot spot, further fueling dating rumors.

Dec. 15, 2014
Tyga and Jenner visit the Children's Hospital Los Angeles for the Teen Impact Holiday Party and deliver toys to about 30 kids.

Feb. 12, 2015
After Tyga called Drake "fake" in an interview with VIBE magazine, Drake fires back on the final track off his surprise If You're Reading This It's Too Late mixtape, "6 PM In New York," and brings Jenner into the beef too. On the track, he raps, "Oh you tried, it's so childish calling my name on the world stage / You need to act your age and not your girl's age."

Feb. 17, 2015
Tyga appears on "The Breakfast Club" and says he is not dating Kylie. He says, "No, I'm not dating Kylie. I wanna be clear to everybody, I didn't leave my family to be with Kylie. That's ridiculous."

Feb. 20, 2015
Kanye West -- who is married to Kim Kardashian, Kylie's older sister -- tells "The Breakfast Club" of Tyga and Kylie, "I think he got in early, I think he was smart. They're closer in age than a lot of relationships I know. I knew Tyga was smart, you know." A piece of the interview is then leaked that had apparently been edited out, in which West says he thinks they're in love but it has to be kept a secret.

March 13, 2015
Tyga posts a picture of Kylie to Instagram, writing, "Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart."

March 24, 2015
Kylie and Blac Chyna  trade some subtle barbs online after Blac Chyna posted a photo showing off her Audemars Piguet watch, which had likely been a gift from Tyga years ago. A few hours later, Kylie posted a photo of her wearing the same watch with the caption "Currently." The back and forth continues, with Blac Chyna notably shading the #KylieJennerChallenge.

April 24, 2015
Blac Chyna posts a text message conversation between her and Tyga to Instagram, suggesting he wants to get back tougher with her. He responded, "Focus on what's real in life. And surround yourself with people that you really care about.its simple."

April 25, 2015
Tyga is seen with a new tattoo that says "Kylie" on his inner right elbow.

May 2, 2015
Tyga reportedly refuses Cal State Fullerton's request that he not bring Kylie to an 18 and older concert at the college.

June 15, 2015
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrate their daughter North's second birthday at Disneyland with Kylie, Tyga and Tyga's son King along for the fun.


June 17, 2015
Tyga releases a new song called "Pleazer" that details graphic sex with the line "T nasty, 'bout to catch a felony for it," which many assume is about statutory rape and Kylie. He later says the song had been written two years ago.

July 27, 2015
Khloe Kardashian appears on the cover of Complex and says she thinks her 17-year-old sister Kylie dating 25-year-old Tyga counts as a "special case" that people shouldn't judge: "Kylie is not a normal 17-year-old. You’re not gonna say, 'Hey, so what are you doing this weekend?' and have her say, 'Having a slumber party at my girlfriend’s' or 'Going to prom.' That’s not what Kylie does. Kylie is taking business meetings and bought her first house, or she’s going on a private plane with Karl Lagerfeld to take a meeting. That’s not even what people do in their 30s. It’s a rare circumstance, so let’s treat this as a special case.”

July 30, 2015
Kylie Jenner puts an end to rumors she Tyga are getting married, posting to Twitter that she's "not planning on getting married anytime soon."


Aug. 9, 2015
Tyga gives Kylie a white Ferrari sports car during her 18th birthday party outside of the West Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows, reported to be a model 482 Italia worth about $320,000. Rumors surface later that Kylie crashed the car afterwards, but she denied those.

Aug. 10, 2015
Tyga posts a happy birthday message to Kylie with a sexy photo of her dripping wet, with the caption, "Happy bday to the dopest girl ever!"

Aug. 18, 2015
Now that Kylie is 18, producers of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" are seen shooting her and Tyga together during the Kardashian family's vacation in St. Barths. Their relationship had previously been ignored by the show.

Aug. 24, 2015
Tyga releases a mixtape called Fuk What They Talkin Bout with a song called "Stimulated" that has a verse presumably about Kylie: "They say she young/She should have waited/She a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated."

Aug. 31, 2015
Tyga releases a video for "Stimulated," which features Tyga smoking up, giving Kylie a piggyback ride and kissing his girlfriend of about a year.

Oct. 31, 2015
Jenner plays leading lady in Tyga's Halloween-themed video "Dope'd Up."

Nov. 20, 2015
In the midst of breakup rumors, Jenner posted a pic on Snapchat of what appears to be her with Tyga and a caption that read "Everyone needs to chill."

Oct. 11, 2016
As the cover girl for Complex magazine's October/November issue, the lip kit connoisseur squashed reports of her dating Partynextdoor and spoke on her temporary split from Tyga. "I just needed to see what it was like not being with him," she said. "We realized that wasn’t what we wanted."

Dec. 31, 2016
In a short film shot by photographer Sasha Samsonova that premiered on W Magazine, Jenner strips down and makes a splash with her rapper beau in the shower.

Jan. 1, 2017
Tyga releases a new hard-hitting track called "Feel Me" co-starring Kanye West, where he uses a flick of Jenner as his single cover art and name-drops her on the track: "Kylie Jenner thick, you gotta feel me."

Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.

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Happy bday to the dopest girl ever!

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April 2017
The couple ended their relationship. Kylie later discussed the breakup in August during an episode of E!'s Life of Kylie. "There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. He and I will always, always have a bond," she shared. "There was no crazy fight, we just decided …Well, I decided that I’m really young. I don’t want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person."