Chris Miles Debuts 'All In Your Mind': Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy of T3 Music Group
Chris Miles 

While most 16-year-olds are going back to school this month, preparing for tests and homework, rapper Chris Miles is preparing to release his upcoming EP Milestones

Billboard is giving you the first listen for his latest song, “All In Your Mind,” below:

Leading you in with a bluesy beat that carries through the song, “All In Your Mind” is the type of track you want to listen to as you’re soaking in the last few weeks of summer sun. As Chris Miles raps and sings over the track, he takes you into the mind of a teenage boy who’s dealing with an interesting type of love story.

"The song's about an ideal girl who understands all the stuff that’s going on in my mind with the stresses and demands of life," Miles said. “She just gets it. Meanwhile, I just wanna get it.”

The song’s origin was pretty unorthodox, according to the young rapper. "Buddy [a Compton rapper] is the person on the background of the hook,” Miles said. “He recorded the melody in his voice memos and sent it to Blended Babies, then they built the beat around it.”

“All In Your Mind” is a follow-up to Miles’ song “Psychotic,” which gave the rapper a spot on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart for five days straight in August.