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Tyrese Faces Off Against Cops, iHeartRadio in Protest/Concert for Radio Play

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Tyrese protests outside iHeartRadio.

Tyrese wants mainstream radio play, and he's taking to the streets to get it.

Tyrese's 'Shame' Tops Adult R&B Songs

The R&B singer, whose latest single "Shame" is currently reigning the Adult R&B Songs chart, announced a free show outside the iHeartRadio headquarters in Burbank, Calif. on Wednesday (July 5). It turned out that free show was more than just a thank you to fans -- as Gibson put it on Instagram, he wanted to "make sure everyone at this iHEART radio convention has heard my song so that they can support it."

The show drew enough people to the iHeartRadio offices that police shut the concert/protest down, eventually citing the singer for blocking traffic. According to Gibson, there were "8 police cars and 4 motorcycle cars" at the scene, leading him to believe that "R&B going #Mainstream must be a REAL THREAT."

Tyrese Scores His First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart

“When I think about Sam Smith, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake -- when they’re singing R&B soul, their songs are being played on all formats of radio, including urban radio,” Gisbon told TMZ. “We don’t say because they white they should only be played on the white stations. If I’m No. 1... my song deserves to be heard by the world.”