Kendrick Lamar Goes 'Looney' Living the American Dream in 'For Free?' Video: Watch

Kendrick Lamar
Courtesy Photo

Kendrick Lamar in the video for "For Free."

Kendrick Lamar is living the dream in his new "For Free?" video. But despite the mansion and minivan, his girl isn't content. So it's up to him to remind her, "This dick ain't free."

The manic To Pimp a Butterfly spoken word jazz interlude now has a video that matches the track's insanity. In it, Lamar takes a number of forms, terrorizing his wife with looney moves that would make Bugs Bunny proud. 

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Those familiar with the eccentric two-minute song with recognize the visual metaphors aligning with those of the song's lyrics, both asserting his own self worth to a woman and to the marginalizing temptations of "success" in Amerika. As for those unfamiliar, well, this Joe Weil & The Little Homies-directed clip might make your head spin. 

Watch Lamar's "For Free?" video here: