Snoop Dogg Interviews Lil Dicky In 'Professional Rapper' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Lil Dicky
Courtesy Photo

Lil Dicky

In celebration of the release of his debut LP, Professional Rapper, Lil Dicky premieres the music video for the album's title track on the same day, Friday, July 31. Watch below:

The music video, directed by Douglas Einar Olsen and produced by Al LeVine, features the sarcastic Philly rapper getting interviewed by OG rapper, Snoop Dogg, for the position of "Professional Rapper." His sole objective is to state his case as to why he deserves a chance.

"Coming out of corporate America, every move I made involved a job interview," Lil Dicky tells Billboard. "So if my next job is being a rapper, I thought it would be super cool to start the album out with a job interview. And who better to be interviewing me for the position than the legendary Snoop Dogg."

Professional Rapper comes two years after the debut of his mixtape, So Hard. The rapper launched a Kickstarter soon after to fund "phase two of my rap career." Lil Dicky raised more than $113,000 in one month, exceeding his goal of $70,000.