Meek Mill on Prison Time, Taking a $10,000 Etiquette Class & Making No Apologies for His Relationship With Nicki Minaj: Watch

Meek Mill has gone through it to get to where he is right now. Before releasing his Billboard 200 No. 1 album, Dreams Worth More than Money, Meek Mill served a three-to-six month sentence in 2014 for violating probation, stemming from a 2008 gun and drug conviction.

"The hardest thing about jail I would say was being locked in a room 23 hours a day [and] being away from my family," he tells Billboard in a recent video interview. (Watch it above.) Meek was released on Dec. 4 and went straight back to recording his sophomore studio album.

Meek Mill Opens Up About His Relationship with Nicki Minaj, His Beefs & Why He's 'Scared to Be Political'

On top of his jail stint, the rapper also had to take a $10,000 etiquette class. "I had to go to etiquette class 'cause I was in the courtroom and I said something about [how] 'I ain’t got no dirty piss test.' [She was] like, 'What? Piss? Urine is the right thing to say. You're going to etiquette class. It was a nice lady teaching...it cost $10,000... teaching me how to hold my fork a different way and my knife a different way, teaching manners all over again," he continued. "How to look people in the eyes. Don’t sit your knife down and don’t face the point towards the person sitting across you."

Meek Mill: The Billboard Shoot

Nowadays he's celebrating the success of DWMTM, and enjoying his time with girlfriend, rapper/singer Nicki Minaj, despite what what other people say. "People making up rumors of your personal life, that they don’t know nothing about," he says, also speaking on Joe Budden's comments on their relationship. "I ain't know other men watch how people handle their girl."

Watch the full video interview above and click here to read Billboard's Meek Mill story, in which he opens up about his relationship with Minaj, his Twitter beefs and why he's "scared to be political."

Reporting by Ben Detrick