Earl Sweatshirt Punches Stage Crasher at Sydney Concert: Watch

Cameron Wittig
Earl Sweatshirt photographed on March 27, 2015 at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Minn.

Earl Sweatshirt was ambushed by a stage crasher during a recent concert in Sydney, Australia -- and he fought back.

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The rapper, who just kicked off is Ready to Leave Now Tour, was approached from behind. The man who made it onto the stage wrapped his arms around Earl’s neck, and Earl responded by turning around and punching him. The attacker was then thrown off the stage.

According to Pitchfork, a representative for Earl says, “That fan is not hugging him. He approached from behind and his arms are around Earl's face and neck,” while another rep adds that "Earl was attacked as far as any artist performing onstage would be concerned that is ambushed from behind, not hugged."

Watch the action unfold in an Instagram clip that was captured by a fan: