Donald Trump Makes Reporters Listen to Mac Miller Song 'Donald Trump'

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Donald Trump greets supporters, tourists and the curious after taping an interview with Anderson Cooper at a Trump owned building in mid-town Manhattan on July 22, 2015 in New York City. 

Donald Trump -- mogul, Republican presidential candidate...Mac Miller fan?

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Yes, Trump has apparently come around on Miller's 2011 hit "Donald Trump." Years ago he endorsed the song, calling Miller "the new Eminem," but then backtracked, demanding royalties and calling Miller an "ungrateful dog." Now, he's playing the song for reporters while they interview him about his campaign.

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In an interview with D.C. site The Hill, the Trump decided to conclude the discussion by playing "Donald Trump" -- a song that is not really about him at all. He apparently told his staffer, who he asked to set up the song, “I want to see how many hits" (currently, the song is inching towards the 100 million view mark).

“By the way, great song,” Trump told the reporter. The Hill writes he tossed in "a wink and a finger point" for good measure.

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Trump quickly added that he "wouldn’t say it’s entirely good for the women or the women of Iowa."