Rapper Christ Bearer Explains Why He's 'Proud' He Cut Off His Own Penis

Christ Bearer
Courtesy Photo

The Wu-Tang-affiliated rapper Christ Bearer (real name: Andre Johnson) made headlines last year when he attempted to perform a vasectomy on himself before jumping off a balcony. Now, a year later, he's finally talking about it. 

In a recent interview with VladTV, Johnson was remarkably unperturbed by the aftermath of the incident, though after confirming that he had indeed cut off his own penis, the rapper allowed that he had "f---ed up, my n---a, in a lot of ways."

Rapper Christ Bearer Severs Penis, Attempts Suicide

Johnson said the "why" was fairly straightforward: “PCP and meth and molly and alcohol and no sleep. That was the main thing: no sleep.”

He's living with no regrets though, having miraculously survived the incident. “I’m the only man ever did what the f--- I did, and I’m proud of it. Why? In the annals of history, I don’t think you got anybody who ever did it,” he told VladTV. “That was a flooper; we all done woke up from a flooper. Maybe not a flooper as big as me.”

Watch the full, unbelievable interview below: