Rihanna Throws Money at BET's Stephen Hill at 2015 BET Awards

Rihanna arrives for the presentation of the Dior Fall/Winter 2015/16 Ready to Wear collection at the National Art Center Tokyo in downtown Tokyo, Japan, 16 June 2015.  

BET tells Billboard "the moment was staged."

Rihanna doesn't mess around. Before taking the stage at the 2015 BET Awards to preview a one-minute teaser to her video for "B---- Better Have My Money," she's seen throwing money at BET's President of Programming Stephen Hill. Watch below:

There isn't any word yet as to whether the incident was staged or real, but Hill took to Instagram to post a photo of him and Rihanna and saying, "We kissed and made up."

Representatives for Rihanna and BET Networks did not respond to request for comment at time of publishing.

UPDATE: BET tells Billboard that "the moment was staged."