Tyrese Confesses His Flaws in 'Shame' Video: Watch the Exclusive Premiere

The six-minute-plus clip for the "Black Rose" single co-stars Jennifer Hudson.

Four-time Grammy-nominated R&B artist Tyrese has a new video for his latest single "Shame," and it's premiering exclusively on Billboard. "Shame" comes from Tyrese's upcoming album Black Rose, out July 10, and stars himself and Jennifer Hudson.

"Black Rose is my most intimate album, it's my most vulnerable album, and it's my most honest album," Tyrese told Billboard exclusively. "Most of the people that hear it compare it to Confessions by Usher, because when you're just being honest saying, 'Through my flaws and my shortcomings and relationships I lied, I cheated, I this and I that,' whatever your story is or your scenarios, it goes back to blues. The reason why blues will be around forever is because people have to sing their most honest song or it just will be ineffective."

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The video, which is more than six minutes long, is directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Denzel Washington. Tyrese opens the video by entering a church and confessing his sins to a minister. The entire music video consists of flashbacks to Tyrese's character treating Hudson's character badly. He yells at her, cheats on her, and is absent from his family at home.

Between the flashbacks, Hudson sings backup with two other women for an emotional Tyrese at a bar in front of a crowd. The video ends in silence as Tyrese and Hudson stare at each other from across the stage.

Tyrese told Billboard that Black Rose would be his last solo album. He said he is mentally and emotionally in a different space, but that "Shame" will affect his listeners' hearts.

"I decided if I'm going to gracefully bow out of music, I wanted to leave the world with as much context as they could ever imagine. I just hope the world enjoys and embrace Black Rose."