James Harden Responds To Lil B Curse: 'I Don't Know Who That Is'

Two weeks ago, eccentric rapper Lil B placed a "Based God curse" on NBA superstar James Harden, after claiming that the Houston Rockets leader stole his "cooking dance" without permission or acknowledgement. The curse made national news when Harden's MVP-caliber play mightily slipped against the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, and Lil B was in attendance when the Rockets were eliminated in Game 5 last Wednesday (May 27).

Lil B Explains James Harden Curse: 'I Pray He's Not a Tool'

Harden ignored the Lil B outcries during his team's playoff run, but has responded to the Based God one week after his elimination. In a new TMZ video, Harden says that he didn't steal Lil B's dance move… because he doesn't know who Lil B is.

"I don't even know what happened," Harden says to a reporter. "I don't even know… I don't know who that is."

In an interview with Billboard last week, Lil B said that he was worried about Harden's character and passion for the game. "You know, it's all in James Harden's heart," he said. "Where is his heart and soul? Does he care about real art, or where he's getting things from? He might not win for the simple fact that he's not conscious of what's going on. There are people that have a lot of money, but just aren't conscious and are tools. I pray he's not a tool."

Read the full, wacky interview with Lil B here.