Treasure Davis' 'Heart Flavored Sucker' ft. Luke Christopher: Exclusive Premiere

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After singing background for artists as Nicki Minaj and Keri Hilson, Treasure Davis is stepping into the spotlight. The singer is prepping the release of her debut EP, Heart Flavored Summer.

In anticipation to the summer release of Heart Flavored Summer, Davis premieres a teaser to the EP with the title track. Listen exclusively on Billboard below:

The B.A.M.-produced track, which features singer Luke Christopher, finds Davis sweetly singing of being fooled by a lover.

"'Heart Flavored Sucker' is about a girl who's on a hunt for the one to give her heart to, but ends up misled and disappointed by the sweet, charming lies of a sucker," Davis tells Billboard. "She's going back and forth in her own mind, wondering if her mistrust or hesitance is to blame, only to discover her suspicions were right."