Elijah Blake, 'Drop Dead Beautiful': Exclusive Song Premiere

Elijah Blake
Courtesy of Def Jam

Elijah Blake

Two years ago, Elijah Blake stopped by Billboard's NYC studio to perform two songs, one of which was the beautiful yet brutally honest "Drop Dead Beautiful."

Elijah Blake Performs 'Drop Dead Beautiful'

Led by guitar-heavy production, "Drop Dead Beautiful" features Blake fighting to save whatever's left of a friendship from a now dead relationship, but not before admitting where him and his lover went wrong.

"We ran out of promises we couldn't keep," he croons. "'Cause you care too much, I don't care enough / Our hearts begin to bleed / Like cancer, it's killing is / Our love is like a disease."

Flash forward to today, Monday, May 25, Blake premieres the official version of "Drop Dead Beautiful" here on The Juice.

"'Drop Dead Beautiful' is about the death of an intimate relationship that was once alluring,' Blake tells Billboard. 'I feel like we as people have been some what programmed to kill off every piece of emotion once a relationship has gone bad because that's just how it's portrayed in movies, shows etc.. But in this case, [the] concept was to lay the intimacy to rest and give birth to a beautiful friendship."

He continues to recognize, and suggest, saving the bond created, no matter the length of time it was shared. "The message in the song basically points to the fact that when you're in love with someone, whether it be for two years or two months, there is a chemistry, bond, and moments that are shared between the two that can't be duplicated. So instead of losing it all, put aside the differences and focus on the friendship and trust of it all."

"Drop Dead Beautiful" is featured on Elijah Blake's upcoming debut album Shadows & Diamonds, out June 23.