'Mary Mary' Winds Up Fourth TV Season as Members Pursue Solo Projects

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Tina and Erica Campbell in a promotional shot for the WE tv show "Mary Mary."

Tina Campbell releases first album & new book as Erica Campbell launches a national tour & female empowerment movement.

The fourth season finale of WE tv's popular Mary Mary reality series airs Thursday night (May 7). But that doesn't mean the duo's Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell will be shifting into relax mode.

In fact, Tina officially took the solo plunge Thursday with the release of her debut album, It's Personal. Featuring the single "Destiny" as well as special guest Stevie Wonder on the duet, "Love Love Love," It's Personal is the first project released through Tina and husband Teddy's GeeTree Creative.

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Prefacing the album's release: Tina's debut as an author with the book "I Need a Day to Pray." Starting out as a journal the singer began keeping in the midst of personal trials, including her husband's infidelity, the book is currently available at such retailers as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Come May 30, Tina will pull both projects together into a one-woman stage presentation, "An Evening With Tina Campbell," at In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Erica, meanwhile, just launched a 20-city national tour named after her latest album, Help 2.0 (My Block/eOne). It's the deluxe edition of her 2014 No. 1-charting solo debut, which won the Grammy for best gospel album in February. Featuring eight new and unreleased remixes plus two new songs, "More Love" and "I Luh God," Help 2.0  bowed at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums.

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Upcoming stops on the singer's tour, which kicked off May 2 in New York, include Los Angeles (June 5), Philadelphia (June 26) and Houston (July 17). Erica is also preparing to launch her female empowerment movement, "More Than Pretty" (MTP). Targeting ladies aged 16-30, the premiere event will be held at Los Angeles' Faithful Central Bible Church on May 23.

There's no formal word yet as to whether there will be a fifth season of Mary Mary.  However, the series continues to attract strong viewership. The fourth season's March 5 premiere garnered 1.3 million total viewers, per Nielsen, which also ranks the show's current season-to-date average at 1.1 million total viewers.

During a phone interview earlier this week, Erica and Tina talked about lessons learned individually--and about each other--over the last four years.

Choosing one word to describe the fourth season:

Erica: If I had to give this season a classification, it would be the evolution of the individuals. Most of our fan base knows us as a unit; thinking that we do everything in tandem. But we're also two individuals: women with our own thoughts, visions and views.

Tina: Transformation. I've spent much of my life being at the wheel, in control of my life and everybody else's.  When you get to this last episode tonight, you'll see me transforming out of that. To have the world watching and chiming in can be scary, embarrassing and nerve-racking. But it's also pretty awesome. God will perfect whatever is his.

One major thing each learned about herself:

Erica: That I'm stronger than I thought. I'm thoroughly enjoying my [solo] musical process. I've enjoyed working with Tina but now I'm learning so much about how to work my strengths, my weaknesses. But truly believe that when we come back together, it will be bananas.

Tina: That the world doesn't need me to function properly. I'm a taskmaster who thought that if I wasn't in the equation, things would fall apart. I can sit back, take help and relinquish the responsibilities I placed on myself; life will work out fine.

And about each other:

Erica: I misunderstood Tina's drive. You can mistake a passionate person for being pushy instead of appreciating the beauty of her strength. What she and Teddy went through: it's what makes a beautiful person.

Tina: Erica has grown as a woman. I see how capable she is without me. We were so busy being sisters and doing everything together that I still thought of her as a teenage girl. But she's a very creative woman.

How long they want the series to last:

Tina: Not forever (laughs). But we're hopeful the network is pleased with the outcome and there will be another season.

Erica: We'll do it until the revival of Mary Mary.