Earl Sweatshirt Releases 'Solace' Project, Dedicated to His Mom

Cameron Wittig
Earl Sweatshirt photographed on March 27, 2015 at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Minn.

A month after Earl Sweatshirt dropped his major-label debut album, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside (March 23), the rapper has released a new project, Solace, on Twitter, which is dedicated to his mother.

Earl Sweatshirt's Road to Recovery From Health Scares & Drug Binges

The 10-minute project is "music from when I hit the bottom and found something," he writes on YouTube.

Earl first talked about Solace during an interview with NPR in March, saying: “We set up a studio at my house and i did a little project real fast. It’s called Solace. ... It’s more for my mom.”

Earl Sweatshirt’s mother, Cheryl Harris, was placed in the spotlight in 2010 when she was tormented by Odd Future fans for her son’s departure to Samoa.

Besides spitting about his mom, Solace features Earl Sweatshirt unraveling his thoughts and troubles (insomnia, "loss of friends," drugs) and missing his grandmother.