Deniro Farrar, 'World on My Shoulders': Exclusive Song Premiere

Deniro Farrar's Rebirth Album Cover
Vice/Warner Bros.


Deniro Farrar has a few things to get off his chest.

On his new song “World on My Shoulders,” premiered here on The Juice, the North Carolina-born rapper flexes his talent for storytelling, sharing the hardships he overcomes every day, from domestic abuse among his extended family to taking care of his two sons.

"And I got the world on my shoulders/ Heart getting colder/ Sons getting older/ Got to raise 'em to be soldiers/ Teach 'em morals and values/ Keep your pistol for these vultures/ 'Cause every day you’re closer," he raps on the dark, introspective song.

"This track describes how heavy life feels at times," Deniro tells Billboard. "'World on My Shoulders' is a song I wrote for my two sons to make them aware of the dangers of the world and remind them to protect themselves at all times, no matter what, and just sharing my truths with the world."

“World on My Shoulders,” produced by Sad Boys' Yung Gud, is the first single from Deniro Farrar's upcoming mixtape COD2, a follow-up to  2012's Cliff of Death. COD2, due May 15, comes a year after the release of his first major-label project, the six-song EP Rebirth, through Vice Records/ Warner Bros. Records.

Aside from finishing up COD2, Farrar is launching a book club, #cultrapbookclub, on May 1. Busta Rhymes and others will be joining. The first book will be Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Fans should visit his Instagram for more details.

In two weeks (May 1st), I will be launching my online #cultrapbookclub. The structure of the book club will be as follows: 1- A new book will be announced the 1st of every month. 2- On the 15th of every month, we will do a #cultrapbookclub twitter check-in where we will swap our favorite quotes and see how you're feeling about the book overall. 3- Email me at cultrapbookclub@gmail.com with topics you'd like to discuss, as well as questions you'd like to ask regarding the book. 4- The last day of every month, I will host a two hour #cultrapbookclub twitter chat, where I'll bring up the topics you all emailed me as well as my own personal thoughts and perspective on the book of the month I decided to start this book club as a way for all of us to spread knowledge and positively interact with one another. Feel free to use the email to send your favorite book suggestions, as well. Let's be done convincing people of our greatness and just be great

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