DMX's Attorney Denies Allegation Rapper Robbed a Man at New Jersey Gas Station

DMX performs in Miami in 2003.

DMX performs in Miami in 2003.

Rap veteran DMX, who was accused of robbing a man at a New Jersey gas station earlier this week, is now fighting the allegations via his lawyer, who calls them "completely absurd."

According to the alleged victim, a man traveling with DMX (a.k.a. Earl Simmons) showed him a gun and demanded his money after the 21-year-old recognized the rapper and approached him. He took $3,200 out of his pocket, and DMX "snatched it" out of his hands before driving off.

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DMX's lawyer Murray Richman told E! News that the accusations were "completely absurd." According to Richman, "[DMX] was leaving a show [the Masters of Ceremony show at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center], a very successful show, and he stopped for gas." He continued, "Four young men approached him for a photo. They took photos and they offered [DMX] drugs. He said no and told them to go...They had an argument and next thing you know, they are accusing him of robbery. Just nonsense."

DMX, who has previously struggled with addiction and had a number of run-ins with the law, has yet to comment publicly; his recent Twitter activity is focused only on promoting upcoming appearances. A rep for the rapper did not immediately respond to Billboard's request for comment.