Watch Jhene Aiko's Moving 'Eternal Sunshine' Video

Jhene Aiko in the video for "Eternal Sunshine."

"Eternal Sunshine," from Jhené Aiko's 2014 album Souled Out, first seems like a ballad of quiet optimism -- after all, "only the good things" is the song's refrain. The newly released video, however, gives the song some much more somber context.

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Directed by Jay Ahn, the video re-creates a 2013 car crash Aiko was in, along with her daughter Namiko, sister Miyoko and Namiko's father O'Ryan. In the video, Aiko ascends from the wreck, reliving her favorite memories of her family and friends, including of her brother Miyagi, who died in 2012. The video is dedicated to him.